Thursday, November 23, 2006


hello childrens my n ame is pepito. my house is one house and i love english. realy i am alvaro the big but in the class ... ... ... ...

hello sweet heart


I am Rebeca, I'm 15 years old and my birthday is on the twenty-first of February.

kiss to all

I don´t know what to write.
Well now I am writing more but I don´t write a lot of. This is Newton's third law.

I'm here againnn!!

Hello "xikitines" jeje, i'm here again too put some photos of me and some friends, dor example rakel , take a look at the photos and write me a comment:D

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Hello Classmates,
This is Alvaro, so happy to be in my English lesson!!!!
I love English!

hello clasemates


Hello i'm Carlos! i'm here to say that i agree with hector when he says tha sara's jacket is horryble and as sara who has put a photo of hector i'll put a sara's photo



i m writing in this block again to answer hector. MY PURPLE JACKET IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IN THE WORLD!!and if you dont think so i'll kill you, do you understand little boy??well im goin to show you a picture of hector in his best moment jejej

Hello! I'M hector and this is my photo , i'm here to help you to improve your english, i think that some of you need to study more like sara, because she has a very big problem, you know she has a very big trauma because her purple jacket isn' very beautiful... so please write me a little comment and sudy english!!

P.D: i like your jacket Sara


Hi niñitos how are you i'm boring and i am not inspired but it doesn't matter 'cause Sponge Bob is my hero!!yujuuu ns k mas going to put more pictures jejej kmo mola is cool.

Friday, November 10, 2006

My name is Sara and I am studying......


Hello Students,
I hope this activity will be fun for you and will help you with your English language learning.